Evelina and the Time Pirates (Evelina the Water Witch Book 1)

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She's loved romance novels since Junior High School, and at least now she doesn't have to worry about getting caught reading one. Lisa married, and bought with her husband a home in Seattle, Washington. She describes her personal paradise as " A healer with unnatural gifts, Valerian Bright lives with her aunt and pet raven in a cottage in the woods, shunned by the villagers of nearby Greyfriars.

She had learned long before that she would never marry, for while the townsfolk of her Cumbrian Sometimes, killing the dragon is the easy part. The medieval village of Markesew was besieged, its virgins demanded in tribute, so when St. George the Dragonslayer arrived from modern times - in his silver pants and lace-up boots - his quest Alex Woding came to Maiden Castle seeking quiet, and the freedom to study the stars.

And though he was thrilled to discover a place where he could pursue his passion undisturbed by nosy sisters and society matchmakers, he had another motive for retre And what better research subject than her great-aunt Sophia, a former B-movie star? Now eighty-five and fac Four romantic comedies, ranging from a party girl in 's England, a landscaper with magic shoes, and a traveler seduced by Belgian chocolate, to plastic surgery zombies in Hollywood, California, and the surfer dude who saves them.

All stories are The only thing Evelina likes better than the latest fashions Who knew that a box of chocolates, apparently abandoned on a train seat, could lead to such sinful decadence. Traveling alone in Belgium, Eliza lives out the fantasy of meeting a handsome, foreign stranger, but her encounters with Sebastia Three Christmas romances, spanning two centuries and continents, but all leading to happily ever after. Puddings, Pastries, and Thou -- In England, impoverished relation Vivian spends the feasts of Christmas in search of both good food and a goo Like dusk from dawn, like fire from frost, we are divided from you.

From ancient Greece to small-town Louisiana, in Transylvania and the Night World, for eons we have wandered, alone. We live, and we sense you. Different, we are yet the same. We are Caitlyn Monahan knows she belongs somewhere else. It's what her dead mother's note suggested, and it's what her recurring nightmares allude to.

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Desperate to flee these terrifying dreams--and her small town--she accepts a spot at a boarding school Sick of guys who stay out all night howling at the moon? You can do better. Some men want you not only for your body, but your brains. Especially your brains.


Ever been at sixes and sevens but longed to be a perfect ten? Ever wanted to swing, to strut, to dance through life and know the world is your oyster?


Ever wanted to show a megaton more moxie than Marilyn Monroe? You'll be relieved to learn there are Megan Barrows has retired from a brief career as a ghostbusting psychic and now uses her sixth sense to fill her Seattle antiques store with objects with happy pasts. After once nearly having the soul sucked out of her by a malevolent spirit, she pre Holiday Madness: One wannabe dominatrix.

A sexy Scotsman. Twenty-seven relatives. An ex-convict uncle on the lamb. A sheriff hot on his heels. A Christmas pageant decorated like a department store white sale. A Tony award-winning actor better k Single twentysomething seeks Prince Charming. Those without royal castles need not apply. Inspired by a famous talk show host to "live her best life," out-of-work tech writer Katy Orville flies off to London to find the man of her dreams. But in Theron, undying creature of the Night World, knew everything about making love.