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Fluttershy keeps one bunny, Angel , as a close companion, going so far as to consult him about getting the extra gala ticket in The Ticket Master. Angel, like other rabbits, seems to be incapable of speech.

A gray bunny named Bernard appears as part of an acrobatic magic act in Viva Las Pegasus. A zebra named Zecora is a recurring character in the show. A fan-designed WeLoveFine T-shirt depicting a host of non-Hasbro characters shows a zebra pony mare along with two half-pony zebroids , one of them a half- Earth pony mare and the other of them a half- Pegasus zony stallion, as described by Samantha Bragg, the artist of the T-shirt design, in posts on DeviantArt.

Deadly Kingdom: Invasive Giant African Land Snails

A young zebra appears in the e-book version of the chapter book Pinkie Pie and the Rockin' Ponypalooza Party! The citizens there are shown to speak in rhyme just as Zecora does. One of them explains to Celestia that they were once invaded by manticores and they conjured up protective shields to defend themselves. Since then, they have made the zebra land forbidden. Zebras are mentioned in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue 28 , with their potion-based magic being compared to that of the deer of Thicket.

In A Rockhoof and a Hard Place , a swarm of bees stings Zecora when Rockhoof mistakenly gives her a tree with a beehive. Some geese are seen flying south in Tanks for the Memories. Rainbow Dash attempts to steer them in the wrong direction by disguising herself as a goose. Several geese are used as an alarm for the Canterlot castle throne room by Shining Armor in Sparkle's Seven.

In Stare Master , an owl in the Everfree Forest is shown in the foreground. In May the Best Pet Win! An owl with the same design as this owl also appears in Magical Mystery Cure. An owl with the same design as this owl appears again in Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1. Multiple owls have appeared as toys. The first owl is included with Twilight Sparkle in the first three waves of Playful Ponies , and has artwork that is included as a cardboard cutout in other toy sets' packaging.

The second owl is included behind flap 4 in the Advent Calendar.

An owl is also included with a Crystal Motion Twilight Sparkle. Hooves , states " An owl delivered an ancient scroll to Dr. Hooves one fateful morning. Turkeys are seen in Filli Vanilli. Several appear at the turkey call contest, and another is seen with Pinkie Pie. It appears again in Magical Mystery Cure.

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  • World's loneliest snail dies, and a species goes extinct.

They originate from Panthera , Abyssinia , a location beyond Equestria that is inhabited by talking cats. Additional Abyssinians appear in Convocation of the Creatures! In My Little Pony Equestria Girls , Spike is transformed into a dog as he goes through the portal to the alternate universe; Spike's counterpart in this universe is also a dog.

Pinkie Pie claims to interpret one of the frogs' croaks for Twilight, though it is unclear whether frogs actually speak. Later, one appears to point the way for Fluttershy. Bufogren are large frog-like creatures that inhabit the Hayseed Swamp. In My Little Pony Micro-Series Issue 8 , a frog is used as a test for Inkwell , who is tasked to use her magic to transform it into a "beautiful Inkwell finds that the frog is perfect the way it is, and at the end of the issue the frog becomes Inkwell's pet.

Sign In Don't have an account? The venom of the larger and more potent species is powerful enough to kill humans. Thirty deaths have been recorded as a result of accidental harpooning in humans who either handled the creatures—which is never advisable—or stepped on the shells while wading.

Paralysis, extreme pain, and dizziness are among the immediate symptoms. Imagine stepping near an angry snail, which turns around to take revenge. Also worth noting is that the spines are reverse hocked, with the ability to penetrate even gloves and wetsuits due to the strength of the muscles that anchor them. Sleek, black, and formidable despite its small size, the assassin snail is a freshwater snail that comes close to cannibalism by eating other snails, shying away from the strict definition by actually eating different species.

Assassin snails are often put to work as contract killers by aquarium owners trying to get rid of an infestation of plant-eating snails. Like some of the best assassins, these snails are small at 2. They burrow through the substrate before latching onto softer-shelled prey, which may be many times its own size. Assassins then suck the remains out of the shell in a rather drawn-out but efficient process. If size as individuals, slime factor, and presence in sheer hordes are the primary factors for rating on the creepy animal scale, the giant African land snail wins on all three counts.

Native to African forests and swampy areas in and around Nigeria, the giant African land snail can grow to lengths of 20 centimeters 7. These snails were introduced to the Miami area through food shipments and smuggling for exotic pet use. Capable of eating over plant species and damaging stucco homes in their quest to add calcium to their shells, these monster snails are the largest terrestrial gastropods on the planet.

Like a number of snails, they are capable of transmitting disease, and very serious ones in this case. A rare form of meningitis caused by a heart lungworm may be carried by the snails as a result of their habit of eating rat waste. Efforts at eradication have included the use of trained dogs. Native to the forests of Australia and New Zealand, the Otway black snail feeds on slugs, worms, and insects, trapping them with its slimy body while the sharp, rear-facing radula restrains and then rips them apart.

A resident of wet forests and cool temperate rainforests, the species makes its home among lush vegetation with moist and highly productive soils. In New Zealand, earthworms are taken by any of an astounding 23 carnivorous snail species that make up two genera. The largest of these snails measures over 8 centimeters 3 in. Interestingly, these snails may live up to 20 years , far longer than the majority of land snails. Two unrelated creatures may take on nearly identical appearances or functions through environmental adaptation.

The bizarre worm snail completely defies the popular perception of what a snail should look like.

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Starting out as juveniles that resemble typical snails, worm snails cement themselves to rocks and become completely stationary while they grow a long, tube-like shell with coils. The centimeter 4 in creatures can produce mucus strands reaching up to 2 meters 6.

DIY Unusual Home for a Giant Snail

The digestive system of the different species making up the Vermetidae family is more like that of a clam or oyster than a typical snail. Found in a wide variety of ocean habitats, the creatures breed in a process where the male releases packages of sperm , which are then captured by the female as if they were food and internalized.

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Native to shallow coastal zones as well as deeper waters farther out to sea, the spiny murex has the most bizarre and unsettling shell of any snail. Resembling a seagoing porcupine or disembodied rack of antlers, this murex is fully defended as well as a voracious predator.

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Studded with massive, sharp spines protruding from its shell, the snail is extraordinarily unpalatable and essentially unapproachable to carnivorous fish, which would get a mouthful of spines before they were able to even get close to the shell. In shallow water, the animals have to grow shorter spines, while those in deeper water are much more impressive, with full-length spikes.

Deep-water catches by fishing vessels have become a source of shells for sale and display.