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Head to the exit at the south end of the hallway and go outside. The intention for this particular piece was to create a visual that represents the landscape of our fair province in an abstract way. Created by artists KC Adams, Jaimie Isaace and Val Vint, made of steel, copper and core ten metal and standing at a massive feet tall, Niimaamaa represents motherhood, Mother Earth and new beginnings.

She has seven strands of hair, one for each of the seven sacred teachings of love, respect, courage, humility, honesty, wisdom and truth. She is pregnant, acting as a water carrier and her gaze is focused between the water and the sky; her copper dress represents prosperity and strength; she is water, land and stars; she is kneeling toward the sun, a motion that signals rebirth. It's a truly awe-inspiring and nuanced piece and well worth a few extra minutes of your time to take it all in.

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Head back over the bridge the way you came and continue straight. The sculpture features two bronze shells and a limestone centrepiece and depicts the history of The Forks, including floods, forts and fur. The piece is specifically located on an Indigenous campsite and trade centre from thousands of years ago as a way to protect the site. The piece was designed with the restorative powers of cloud-watching in mind and the imaginative fun that comes along with trying to figure out what the shape of each puffy bunch reminds you of.

The huge piece is made of layers of interwoven rope that emulate cloud formations and provide a canopy of shade on the grass, perfect for cloud watching on a late summer afternoon. English artist Mr Cenz was the man behind the bluey-purpley graffiti-inspired portrait, a stunning way to remember an important member of our community. Start walking back toward The Forks Market, but stop when you hit the parkade. Head inside and take a very safe and vehicle-aware gander at the series of murals based on the four elements on each of the four levels of the parkade.

There are two murals inspired by each element — water, wind, earth and fire — created by artists Ness Lee and Jerry Rugg as part of the Wall-to-Wall Mural and Culture Festival run by Synonym Art Consultation every fall. Each of the elements is represented by a feminine character in a variety of semi-abstract scenarios brought to life with rich, bright colours and emotive imagery. A short jaunt from the parkade will bring you back to the main market area where the art walk started. For victims of human trafficking, being treated like chattel has devastating long-term damage that is difficult to erase.

One victim, who was trafficked as a year-old after running away from home in Baton Rouge, spoke last year in federal court in the only major federal trafficking case involving Bourbon Street in recent memory. Speaking at the sentencing of her pimp, the woman said she spent several terrifying weeks being forced to walk Bourbon Street, meet strange men and convince them to take her back to their nearby hotels for sex. In her statement at the pimp's sentencing, she testified about the difficult process of recovering from her experience.

Prostitutes flood back into northwest Dallas after police vice unit shuttered

I'm terrified that I'll never get this concept of life out of my head that sex sells and it's normal for women to barter sex to men. A dancer performs at a Bourbon Street strip club in January There are three primary ways pimps make money in New Orleans, according to interviews with human trafficking experts and law enforcement officials. Street walking. These are the more traditional "tracks" -- the places where johns can cruise along in a vehicle, looking for women walking the street. When they find a prostitute, they usually pull off the road to a cheap hotel room.

The traditional tracks, especially those on Chef Menteur Highway, have become less visible as social media and sites like Backpage. Bourbon Street.

Prostitution on New Orleans' most famous street and in the rest of the French Quarter has persisted since the city's founding. But with the advent of social media and a more aggressive and brutal brand of pimps emerging on the scene, law enforcement officials and nonprofit leaders worry that New Orleans has entered a new and more dangerous sex trade era, with Bourbon Street as one of two focal points for pimps. What sets Bourbon Street apart is that pimps use an unusually wide range of methods to entice victims and lure customers there, investigators said.

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In a growing number of documented cases — including an extensive FBI investigation to be detailed later in this series — pimps also required the women under their control to steal from unsuspecting customers willing to take them back to their hotels. With the crush of people and the controlled chaos surrounding the bars, strip clubs and souvenir shops on Bourbon Street, it is easy to blend in.

Strip club dancing.

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Some pimps are known to require women under their control to dance in clubs. There, women can meet men who will pay for sex in a private room or off site, or help their pimps recruit new women.

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The woman asked that her name not be used because she did not want to publicize her past as a strip dancer. Ray Palazzolo, the senior general manager at Temptations and three other Bourbon Street strip clubs, said they monitor for possible pimps and remove them from clubs or fire anyone suspected of illicit activity — including dancers suspected of prostitution. But she said law enforcement must visibly and consistently enforce existing labor codes and trafficking laws inside licensed clubs if they want to discourage trafficking and identify victims.

With relatively little enforcement, the result is what you have now on Bourbon Street: a bull market for sex traffickers.

A decorative shoe adorns a window along Bourbon Street. Investigative documents provided to NOLA. In every record that reporters reviewed, agents asked dancers whether they could score drugs for the customers, and in most cases, dancers either already had drugs on them or would call a drug dealer who would show up at the club. Sometimes the dancer would be the conduit to complete the sale, according to the ATC records.

In agreeing to the consent judgements, the clubs did not admit any wrongdoing.

Ho Stroll --Book 2

Among other things, the judgments, which were reached under the oversight of then-ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert, required the clubs to hire private investigators to conduct "mystery shops" to probe whether they were cleaning up their act. Some of the clubs' mystery shops came back clean: In February , a mystery shopper reported trying to solicit a dancer for sex at Temptations and was told that "since the state police raid, extracurricular activities had ceased," saying that "employees feared a follow-up raid.

But at the other five clubs, the private investigators documented at least one instance of dancers offering drugs or sexual favors in exchange for money. At Dixie Divas, a bar just off Bourbon Street on Iberville Street that was initially cited for four counts of prostitution, an investigator found the illegal practices had continued, according to his report. In the December report, the investigator wrote that he was asked to go to a VIP room where sex would take place, or the dancer would meet him for sex outside the club.

When a reporter visited the club Oct. The club has not responded to it. At Dixie Divas, a bar just off Bourbon Street on Iberville Street that was cited in for four counts of prostitution, an investigator later found the illegal practices had continued, according to his report. Dancers using proximity to customers to steal money is a technique called "grope and grab," and is frequently used when a dancer is trying to earn her "quota" enforced by a pimp, said Lt. But she said the clubs would have been required to fire the employees involved. He said a combined 20 employees at the four clubs were fired for alleged illegal activity and for not adhering to club policies during the yearlong required monitoring.

Palazzolo said he decided to continue monitoring after the consent agreement with ATC expired late last year. Since then, he said, another 20 employees have been fired.