The Last King of Lydia

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Last King of Lydia | Edinburgh49

It was the usual practice in those days for the armies to disband for winter and Croesus did so accordingly. Cyrus did not, however, and he attacked Croesus in Sardis, capturing him. It became clear that the powerful empire destroyed by the war was Croesus's own. By BC, Croesus was defeated and captured by the Persians. After defeating Croesus, the Persians adopted gold and silver as the main metal for their coins, maintaining the Lydian style.

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The types of the Lydian king were continued by the Persians until c. Notes from Phil Jones on June 10, "The Achaemenids took the over the Lydian Kingdom and continue the coinage of Kroisos for approximately 30 years after the death of the Lydian King. Lydia was a kingdom in the western part of Asia Minor, the peninsula east of Greece that is now the nation of Turkey. Beginning in the mids B.

After defeating his half-brother in a struggle for the throne, Croesus conquered Ephesus and other Greek cities on the coast of Asia Minor. Despite these conquests, Croesus admired Greek culture and wanted to remain on good terms with the people of Greece. There were several moments like this, where a turn of phrase, an image or an idea was simply expressed and yet immensely powerful.

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He has done some brutal things because a king must protect himself; but he is not ruthless by nature. Instead he is a man trying to understand the best way to live, even though he is blinded at first by personal ambition. It is this tragic flaw that leads him to make the strike against the Persian Empire which will result in retaliation and, eventually, his own destruction.

The Last King of Lydia

What more appropriate memorial could there be to Croesus? Indeed, he manages to make a story dictated by history feel as fresh and natural as if he plotted it himself.

And it turns out that he has been immensely faithful to what is known about Croesus, even though much of that is legend. And Leach has left me keen to find out more about Cyrus: both about the man, who seems to have been a remarkably just and tolerant ruler; and about his foundation of the Persian Empire, which of course plays so crucial a role in the great events of Greek history, at Salamis, Thermopylae and later at Issus.

The Last King of Lydia: Tim Leach

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