Waiting for Answers, A Parents Guide to Grief, Resolution, and Healing

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In this environment I uncovered an unknown and unresolved rage about past hurts and loss. Through Dr. In this community of safety, love, and acceptance I am growing and loving exponentially as a person and coach. Through this Coach Training process the people in my life are also benefitting in ways I could have never imagined or described.

Looking at her property, you can feel the peace surrounding her acres. We were greeted by few cows and her beautiful silver shimmering lake. As we continued our training, we did a few dialogues with our loved ones. It was so touching to see us trainers breaking in tears of pain and joy and healing. Our loved ones are reunited with source, without the barriers that they had on earth. Everyday can be an opportunity to heal one layer of pain or remove a challenge in your life with their help. So very much of what makes an experience more rich for me is the energy and presence of the individuals participating.

From the moment I turned on to Jamie's property and knew I was driving just behind Paula, I was so excited to just park my car and meet her in person.

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We both got out of our cars and just fell into a big hug Upon meeting, we were just drawn together into one family hug with Jamie and Jean as our "parents"! It's as if we were all hugging each other the entire weekend. Being in each other's presence just magnified what we were able to do and expanded the healings that we all could and did bring to each other. I have always felt "open" to the universe and it's energies, but now I can tell that the opening is going to be even larger than I ever could have imagined.

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I feel so powerful after being with Jamie and these beautiful, amazing women. The deep sense of connection and peace that I felt and still feel should last me a lifetime. Because love has no beginning and no end. Love IS I think Jean wanted me to write that What a beautiful group of women, openness and exquisite love we experienced. I am so in love with this work, what it means, feels like and Dr.

I am being taken on a journey that has been nothing short of miraculous. After having lived so much trauma, Dr. Jamie saw Me.

She heard me, deeper and clearer than anyone has ever done in my life. I want to walk my own life alongside Dr. Jamie, to be a conduit of this work and more. I have to confess that I was a little apprehensive and was not sure what to expect for the live weekend coaches training. When I encountered was an amazing forging of bonds between familiar souls in unrecognized physical bodies. I have extreme respect for everyone in the coaching program.

I enjoyed my time deeply, and felt that it was a very valuable experience. It has definitely shifted my focus from learning so that I could enhance my abilities for myself, to learning so that I can continue to pay this message forward. I am ever grateful for the opportunity to come to the weekend training and luckily for me it was during fall foliage. The lessons that we take away from each training meeting are invaluable.

When I can step back and take a look from the outside of our meetings, I can always apply something to my life and current situation. I am continually learning from each weekly training encounter we have.

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It's hard to put into words my experience of being in the coaches training class. There is such unconditional love and acceptance at the soul level where there is no judgment or expectations--except that you be yourself. And the love that I receive for being myself is transformational. This is what heaven is and it's something we never get to experience on earth and yet with this group, we are living heaven on earth.

See our cookie policy. Skip to Content. Get age-based picks. A mother's love shouldn't be conditional, and parents shouldn't leave their children, even when they're grieving.

Losing Both Parents by Age How I Began to Heal

The effects of being abandoned last a lifetime. Sick people and those who love them can be easily swayed to believe in something bigger than themselves. No truly positive role models.