Why Me, Lord?: for victims of sexual and physical abuse

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See also: Category:Mind control and Mind games. Main article: Misconduct. See also: Duty to report misconduct , Judicial misconduct , Official misconduct , Police misconduct , Police misconduct in the United States , Prosecutorial misconduct , Scientific misconduct , and Sexual misconduct. Main article: Mobbing. Main article: Narcissistic abuse. Main article: Neglect.

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See also: Child neglect and Self-neglect. Main article: Negligence. See also: Legal malpractice , Malpractice , Medical malpractice , Negligence in employment , and Professional negligence in English Law. Main article: Parental abuse by children. Main article: Passive—aggressive behavior. Main article: Patient abuse. See also: Category:Health care professionals convicted of murdering patients , Experimentation on prisoners , Iatrogenesis , Medical harm , and Medical malpractice. Main article: Persecution. See also: Category:Persecution and Category:Religious persecution.

Main article: Physical abuse. Main article: Torture. See also: Category:Psychological torture techniques. Main articles: Political corruption , Category:Political corruption , Political repression , Category:Political repression , and Political abuse of psychiatry. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it.

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January Main article: Prejudice. Main article: Prisoner abuse. See also: Category:Military prisoner abuse scandals , Experimentation on prisoners , and Prison rape. Main article: Professional abuse. See also: Malpractice , Professional ethics , Professional negligence in English Law , and Professional responsibility. Main article: Psychological abuse. See also: Category:Psychological abuse. Main article: Racism. Main article: Ragging. Main article: Rape. Main article: Relational aggression.

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Main article: Religious abuse. See also: Religious discrimination , Religious persecution , Category:Religious persecution , and Religious terrorism.

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Main article: Rudeness. Main article: Satanic ritual abuse. Main article: School bullying. See also: Bullying in teaching and List of school pranks. Main article: Sectarianism. Main articles: Self-abasement , Self-blame , Self-destructive behaviour , Self-harm , Self-hatred , Self-neglect , and Self-victimization. Main article: Sexual abuse. Main article: Sexual bullying. See also: Sexual harassment and Sexual misconduct. Main article: Sibling abuse. Main article: Smear campaign.