Zeph Undercover (Stones Crossing)

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This book was previously published as Reckless Promise. New title, new cover, same story. This book was previously issued as Stalking Bel.

Too Much Blood (Remastered)

Sheriff Quincey Yarborough likes his town peaceful, and he'll do whatever it takes to keep it that way. He saw enough chaos in the military, and his aging grandfather Bel Baxter doesn't have an enemy in the world, but her alter ego, best-selling author Belinda Beverly, has a stalker. When he burns her New York house, Bel flees the city, running clear across the country to hide in a small California coast town. Lead Gulch. CAElevation: 4, feetPopulation: She divides her time b On the verge of achieving her long-held dream of starting her own business, Sarah Gault sees her independent life stripped away when she must move back to her childhood home to care for her elderly mother.

Hilda Gault never wanted to be a burden, but When he succeeded, she looked for Coulson and found him hacking into another computer. She ordered him to leave, and once he had finished, he did.

See a Problem?

When the team saved Peterson and Lincoln Campbell , May informed Gonzales that they had succeeded in their mission. May and Bobbi Morse aim their guns at Gordon and Raina. Later, May and Bobbi Morse spoke about how things had gone back to normal, but May did not believe that. May asked Morse if she thought that if she forgave Coulson, Lance Hunter would forgive her. Soon after, the ship's alarm was triggered and May and Morse found the invaders, Gordon and Raina in the cargo hold, where the Monolith was.

However, Gordon teleported himself and Raina before they could be captured. May and Phil Coulson argue with Skye. May was present in a meeting with Phil Coulson and his council, who discussed the new parties and the Monolith. May watched as Coulson asked more about the new group, but Skye only said they wanted to be left alone. Coulson asked how they should call them; Skye said they called themselves Inhumans. May claimed that the Inhumans were very dangerous, but Skye retorted that the same thing could be said about May.

Skye told May that Jiaying had told her the story of what happened to the little girl and her mother in Bahrain , and revealed that the two were Inhumans. May and Coulson were in the hangar, and she told him she missed the Bus. Coulson told May that Jiaying was Skye's mother, but May did not respond. Coulson wanted to apologize to May, as he had promised, but May did not want to talk about it. She revealed what really happened to the little girl in Bahrain and the choice May had to make to save the agents' lives.

May also claimed that Coulson had lost control when he carved the Words of Creation. Coulson said he had control, but May said that Skye was a living proof that he had not. The next day, after S. She walked with Gonzales until he entered to meet Jiaying. She saw then Calvin Zabo arrested by S.

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Skye asked her where Coulson was, but May told her there had to be someone objective to meet her mother. Skye said that Gonzales sent people to kill her a few weeks ago, but May said that he was a much better person than she thought. May told Skye she hoped her mother was everything Skye had wanted her to be. As a seeming peace-keeping gesture, Jiaying handed over Calvin Zabo to S. Once Skye had dropped off her father and as Zabo was being handcuffed and searched by Anne Weaver and her team, May informed Phil Coulson that the Inhumans had turned over Zabo.

Not quite understanding what this could mean, Coulson told her that they would deal with that later. May informed Phil Coulson that Bobbi Morse had not arrived yet nor answered her. Coulson asked how Skye was, and May replied she was disappointed that he did not meet Jiaying. Jemma Simmons came and said that Robert Gonzales had allegedly shot Jiaying.

Coulson asked her where Gonzales was now, but Simmons did not know. He ordered the agents to find Gonzales and rescue him, so May ordered the agents to be prepared to take off when she returned and warned them about Calvin Zabo, who might be somehow involved. May found Skye fighting against an agent, so she ordered her to stand down; Skye claimed that May needed to stand down, after Gonzales shot her mother.

May asked where he was so they could fix this, but Skye said it was too late for fixing; May needed to take her people and get away from there. May said she would leave after she found Gonzales, but Skye did not let her keep going and eventually, the two fought each other. Skye used her Inhuman powers to knock May out. May awoke in a Quinjet to the singing of Calvin Zabo. After Weaver cut off, Coulson said he could not believe Skye turned against them; May said he did not see Skye attack her.

Coulson understood Skye's confusion and Simmons asked why Jiaying had invited S. Coulson said that he did not know why but maybe Zabo did. After they returned to the Playground , Coulson discovered that the attack of S. Hunter asked for a pilot, and May volunteered to join him. Coulson followed with them and their team and realized that Grant Ward left Agent 33 for this reason.

May said that she was planning to kill Ward once and for all. Hunter and May found where Morse's Quinjet landed and they saw signs of a struggle in the plane. May comforted Hunter by saying that Morse could handle herself against Ward.

While they flew there in their Quinjet, Hunter discovered that Morse's phone was back in service and it should not be a problem to find her location. May said that it could be a trap, so Hunter asked if she was ready. May said she had an opportunity to kill Ward, so she was all in. May, Lance Hunter and their team raided the building where Bobbi Morse was held.

May took two agents to search for Morse while Hunter took only one. During her search, she came across Agent 33 and started shooting at her, but Agent 33 avoided her shots. May noticed that Agent 33 had stolen a radio from a knocked out agent, so she had an idea how she could make Grant Ward kill Agent She then issued a call on the radio for all agents to move to the south side of the building and only lower their guard once they saw her face, knowing that Agent 33 listened to this call.

An agent near to her said that only Hunter was left and May responded that Agent 33 didn't know that. Eventually, her plan worked and Ward killed Agent 33 as she had disguised herself as May. May found Hunter holding Morse while she was badly wounded and bloody.

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She helped him to take her to the Quinjet. Before they landed in the Playground , Bobbi Morse stopped breathing, so May resuscitated her. As she saw Morse recovering but still in a coma, May made a phone call to Andrew Garner.